motokai, a dark motif for ChatZilla

screenshot of motokai

I’m a sucker for the monokai color scheme, especially in its Vim theme incarnation molokai. It is easy to imagine, how surprised I was, that this scheme wasn’t ported to a ChatZilla motif yet. After all it exists now in this way or the other on basically any editor under the sun.

The official existing motifs need to get used to. So I grabbed the test file and created a monokai based motif with the apparent name motokai.

You can check it out at Github, where there’s also a version of the official test file to see it in action. I’d appreciate if you file any bugs and issues at the github bug tracker.

It was fun to create this theme, because of being a Firefox only project I could use all these cool CSS 3 features unscrupulously. However I hope, I didn’t overdo it. The effects should all be there for the sake of usability.

Perhaps I’ll realize another idea I had in the nearer future: A ChatZilla motif, dark on white, that takes CSS 3 to an extreme in trying to style the chat window like a printed book…

Until this crazy idea becomes urgent enough to get realized, I wish you lots of fun with motokai!