About Manuel

a picture of me, 2006

I’m Manuel Strehl, a true and thorough Bavarian web developer. And why, yes, I also own a Lederhose. Apart from dancing around some poles and Schuhplattling (ok, admitted, I never did that), I enjoy coding and developing good-looking, valid and usable web sites.

Here in Regensburg I work for a small company named Kinetiqa. We sell our own CMS, but lately we focus more on custom web applications for our customers.

Apart from the day job I do my PhD at the University of Regensburg in media informatics. There, too, I received a Diploma, which is more or less equivalent to a Master, in Physics in 2007.

Our RPG game Bewahrer des Lichts was once my creative inspiration, as you can see at my deviantART gallery, where I show some of the old maps, that I drew back then for the book of rules.

I was once an active Wikipedia writer, but nowadays it is far less rewarding. However, I’m still quite proud of my articles Western Calligraphy and namespaces in XML in the German Wikipedia.

my usual avatar
My usual avatar

In most social networks and other places you will see my avatar to the left on my profile page. It depicts the donkey, Equus asinus, an animal, that comes surprisingly close to the ideal programmer, as Larry Wall describes him in his “Three Virtues of a Programer”. Boldewyn, the username I usually pick, is the name of the donkey in German fables.

You want to contact me? There’s a Twitter account, a contact form, and, especially if you’re Germany based, my Xing profile.